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How to prepare for your Session

Once you have booked your session, picked out your clothes, and made your appointments for haircuts, the day of photos arrive quickly. You've worked so hard to make sure everyone is put together, but then as you arrive to the session all hell breaks loose!

Want to know my secrets on how to make things run a little smoother? Here are 5 ways to keep kids (and their parents) happier before their sunset session. (Ever wonder why sunset is the preferred time? Read about it here)

1. Communications is key. Preparing the children by talking about the session. Let them get involved in picking out poses and asking them what special picture they would want to take.

2. Help the child to feel safe by telling them about your friend Samantha who will be taking pictures of the family. Giving a child a sense of trust will help us to create a more authentic experience. It is completely fine to tell them we will also be playing some games and having fun.

3. For younger children who may have earlier bedtimes, let them get in a later or longer nap. Trust me, I am well aware of the havoc of messing up a sleep schedule, but a later nap will help them regulate their emotions if they are well rested.

4. Feed them before you come. Make it one of those special times where they get to pick their favorite fast food! Or offer them their favorite finger foods! Kids can be super picky about what and when they want to eat, which can make things difficult. I reserve one restaurant for my bribery food, it is only used on very special occasions. I think as a parent, we all have them. This is the time, my friend.

5. Bring a water bottle and snacks. Now, please do not bring Cheetos or chocolate chip cookies to the session. When I say snacks, I mean "clean" dry snacks. A few clean snacks would be Cheerios, crackers, pretzels, a few cut up grapes and cheese cubes. You never know when hunger will strike, especially if they have refused that bribery meal!

Imagine how overwhelming it would be for an adult being thrown into uncomfortable clothes, being told not to be wild with no sleep, on an empty stomach, no end in sight, and expected to be a perfect happy angel! That is insanity! Why would we expect that from our tiny humans? Setting them up for success is truly setting the whole experience up for success. I have used these very tips on my own children.

Child tested, Mother approved!

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