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Masterminds healed my mind

As most of you know I spent the months of July through January working in a group of 24 beautiful, strong, talented, inspiring women lead by the lovely Elena S Blair. At this time I am 2 weeks out from our retreat that was in Seattle, Wa with my heart full, my head spinning (in a good way), my soul grateful, and my will strong.

When I signed up for this Masterminds, I was 2 months into my business and barely thriving. I found Elena on a Creative Live class and I loved how her approach to photography was so laid back. She gave me permission to explore it without having to have expensive gear, fancy lighting, a perfect knowledge of the camera, or the guilt of being a mom with a camera. I followed her on Instagram, and she kept posting about this Masterminds group she was doing. I decided to sign up for the waitlist not expecting to get much further than that, but I ended up getting an email to schedule a zoom meeting with her to interview and to say I was nervous was an understatement. I knew I would get to talk to her and that would be the end of my journey or at least that is what I thought. At the end of the call my world changed. Elena INVITED ME TO JOIN!!!

I was so excited to have even spoke to her, let alone get to spend 6 months learning how to run a business with her as my leader!

With each meeting, she encouraged to get to know the me I had lost touch with. Every week it was like her and my therapist teamed up to tackle my life problems. I gained confidence, I could call myself a photographer. I found beauty in my current self. I found my own personal style. I found the ability to ask what I am worth (and still growing!). I found courage to take the next step, even when I wasn't sure where that would lead. I found friendship. I found peace. I found peace. One more time because it is important: I found peace.

In a world full of comparisons and perfectionism, I was given freedom in being present.

Was this Masterminds about business, you bet, but it started with healing all the insecurities and hurt that would hold me back from hitting that next big leap in growth.

The retreat to Seattle was more than I could have imagined. I arrived in Seattle exactly one year to the date that I first watched that Creative Live with Elena. When each person arrived, it was like a homecoming for a dearest friend. I had never met any of the other ladies in person, but we all stayed in one house for 5 days staying up talking about family, life, and photography.

When we arrived to the studio where Elena held our retreat, she poured love and encouragement into our souls. She gave us inspiring stories from other female entrepreneurs, gave us space to meditate and heal, then gave us knowledge when we were at our best to absorb everything. She empowered me. Everything you wish a parent would do, she did. She gave me a new meaning to life.

Thank you for everything.

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