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You're one in a million.

Years ago, in a younger version of myself, I sat in our basement with a box of old National Geographic magazines. I would flip through every beautifully detailed images of amazing creatures. Photography is one of the first professions I dreamt of becoming.

I may not have pursued a career in nature photography in the wild grasslands or deep jungles, but eventually I found my way to photographing people. I am in love with being in love. From engagements to the sweet old couple that has been together for decades. I love it all. Growing families are my favorite though. Maybe it's because my own family is in that stages, but I enjoy reminiscing in that swirling feeling of being a first time mom, the warmth your heart feels just breathing in that sweet newborn smell. The way you can't help buy touch their soft skin. The deep snuggles from your toddler, like curling up in a soft bed. The emotions they bring out you never knew existed before you laid eyes on them. The chaos. It's all perfectly present.

I want to capture those little moments. I am deeply committed to portraying a raw, authentic visual of your family where you are now. Family is not perfect, neither are the photos you will receive, but they will be present. For an hour you will be focused on your children, your partner, and yourself without distractions. You will feel a connection with your family that is unique to your family dynamics. You will have images that will last a lifetime, a small piece of family history to pass along. I will capture true moments of your children, even if that means them running wild, or dancing, or just shyly standing off to the side. That is who the child is in that moment.

I know you have many options for family photographers, but I assure you there will be moments of snuggling, breathing in the sweet smell of your newborn, caressing the hair of your child as they hand you a flower, listening to your child tell a ridiculous story, or just enjoy a time where there aren't any other distractions.

Some wise words from a seasoned mother in regards to my own mom guilt I had for not buying all the new things for my second child, "Take all that money you would have spent on things they'll outgrow and invest in family photos every year. " I took that advice, and it has me passing on the gift.

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