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HI!  I am Samantha McRoy, your St. Louis Family Photographer.

Photo credit: Naomi Hopkins Photography

 You can call me Sam!

 As your family photographer, my passion is:

✨ finding magic in the mundane

✨connection in the chaos

✨presence over perfection  

 I am a late bloomer in


💍 marriage

 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 family

and 👩‍💻even careers

but I am so thankful for the time that grew into the dream I am living. 

When I'm not behind a camera or computer, you can find me with my family

🥾hiking the great outdoors

🧭exploring the St. Louis area kids attractions with my 2 sons

🛋snuggled up on the couch watching TV 

 🍪eating chocolate chip cookies

You are part of this journey in life, and I can't be more honored to share it with you

Samantha McRoy Photography headshot. Samantha smiling holding dress and playing with hair.
couple walks along rooftop holding hands. Children in the background.
Toddler with floral baseball hat on backwards, kissing mom.  Mom has teal and purple hair with multiple hairclips.
Mom with tattoos and multicolored hair leans forehead to forehead with preschool son. Son has red sock hat on, hands are playing with mom's necklace while his eyes are closed.
Family on rooftop, dad has toddler on shoulders and is leaned over. Toddler leaned toward mom to kis mom.  Mom is smiling at toddler, opposite hand on other childs leg.  Older child is sitting next to mom holding her arm.
mom holding toddler while husband kisses her. Father is holding baby.


Pregnant woman gazing down at belly while facing partner. Partner is feeling pregnant belly and looking down at it smiling.
Newborn being held by dad and sister.  Sister is kissing baby.
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