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Top 3 Reasons To Use a Client Closet

The process of finding Pinterest worthy outfits for your family photos can be a stressful, time consuming, and expensive task. I want to share with you 3 tips why using a client closet is beneficial.

  1. STRESS RELIEF: When you have clothes styled for you, it takes the stress off you finding coordinating clothes. It can be time consuming trying to find the right outfit, then add the stress of hoping it fits or compliments the body well. The clothes offered in my client closet are color coordinated, come in a variety of textures, and will compliment all body sizes! There is a little something for everyone. Plus, no laundry for you!

2. Time Saver! We live in a busy life. Finding the right outfit can be a time consuming task. We usually go into several stores, try on several things and when we don't find anything we use the internet. If those clothes don't meet the goal, then it takes time to get it returned, either to the store or off to the post office. With a client closet, the clothes rack is full with many options and there is no time running to a store or shipping! Did I mention no laundry?

3. Money Saver. If you are anything like me, you have purchase clothing specifically for a family photo, swore you would wear it to (insert event here) and in reality it never left the closet. Utilizing the client closet saves you the money you would have spent on the clothing for your session, but also saves the earth from unneeded waste. Also, money and energy saved on laundry!

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